A little about me..

Hello and welcome!

I'm Sam Ashleigh, a 26 year old Melbourne based blogger, foodie, fashion lover and actor/presenter. Four years ago I followed my heart and my stomach and moved to London to begin my travelling and blogging journey.


I now have my own YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page where I share my personal style, recipes, experiences and videos to over 20 thousand followers.

I have evolved and accomplished many things since then, a few highlights being guest hosting on a London radio show, writing for online travel magazine Wonderlust and appearing on Channel 7 Sunrise to chat about one of my review videos.

In my spare time I also pursue acting, presenting and freelance content creation.

This year is a whole new journey for me, having just moved back to Melbourne, Australia from the UK! To see what I'm up to follow my blog, check out my Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel!​

If you require any further information please email; samashleigh@outlook.com

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