1st UK Bunnings Store Review

March 13, 2017

This is my first video review which actually went viral across UK and Australia!


Bunnings Hardware stores sausage sizzles are famous all across Australia, its a big part of our culture and very much a tradition! The hardware store is more known for its BBQ snags (aussie slang for sausages) than the hardware itself!


Bunnings have just opened their first store in Hertfordshire UK, so I drove an hour out of London to check out the signature Aussie sausage sizzle and make sure they are doing us Aussies proud!


After a very long drive with bumper to bumper traffic and to my delight, the sausage sizzle was in full swing. I got myself two snags with onion and BBQ sauce (some may say BBQ sauce with a snag is a sin, the traditional condiment is tomato sauce).




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