Il Palazzo, Prague, Czech Republic

A hidden gem in Prague; Il Palazzo. A former historic underground wine cellar where King Charles IV used to store his precious wine, now serving refined Italian food. There is a very unique atmosphere inside, with beautiful architecture and lovely staff. You would not expect to find such a high standard Italian restaurant in Prague, but Il Palazzo really delivers.

The pièce de résistance of the menu is the Tagliolini with Black Truffle. I was about to witness Dalla Forma preparation, tableside. This method of serving pasta is seen mostly in Italy and parts of the East Coast, the perfection of this preparation lies in its simplicity.

The waiter arrived with a cooking station featuring a full wheel of Gran Padano Parmesan cheese and a couple of ingredients on the trolley. He started by lightly scraping the inside of the cheese wheel to gather shavings of Parmesan, he then poured a delicate white wine and flambéed the parmesan to release all of the wonderful flavour. Hot freshly cooked Tagliolini pasta was quickly brought out from the back of the kitchen, which the waiter tossed into the wheel along with truffle oil, creating an infusion of flavours. Black truffle shavings sprinkled over the dish as the plate was set in front of me, at this point my tongue was hanging out of my mouth; the aroma really was out of this world.

The melted parmesan throughout the pasta with the exquisite truffle flavor created so much body and aftertaste, I will be dreaming about this dish for a while! Though the serving size is not overly generous, it is a very indulgent and rich dish which can be quite heavy, so be prepared for some strong flavours.

I ordered the Crème brûlée for dessert which was actually a bit of a let-down as the custard was overcooked. Thankfully I also sampled my partners Panna Cotta, which was really light and creamy with a lovely subtle flavour.

Il Palazzo has very reasonable prices for such personalized service, lovely food, outstanding atmosphere and extensive wine lists. This was an elegant and unique experience for me, I would highly recommend a visit if you are in Prague, you will not be disappointed!

Score: 9/10 Price: Average 500 Kč Per Person

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