March Favourite Products!

So I'm starting off my favourite items of March with a book - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I'm sure you've all seen the movie which has been out at the cinema recently starring Emilia Clarke (now becoming one of my fav actresses, she has the most expressive eyebrows I've ever seen!). I think she did a great job embodying the quirky character of Lou Clark (is it a strange coincidence Clarke & Clark?), okay I'm veering off topic this is about the book and not about the movie! I borrowed this book from a friend who recommended I read it AFTER I had seen the movie, I know normally it's done the other way around but I guess I'm a backwards kind of person! It's the romance story of Lou Clark, a quirky waitress, who becomes a carer for Will Traynor, an aristocrat with quadriplegia. I find the book to be so beautifully written and even though I already know the bitter sweet ending, it goes into more depth about Lou & Will's relationship and really sucks you in. Plus its quite a thick novel which I love because I'm such a fast reader I finish books within days! If you're ready for a new book, definitely give this one a go, you'll be drowning in happy sad tears, trust me.

I don't regularly shop at Benefit Cosmetics, but when I visited the store this time around I noticed a new line of lipstick. They have released a line called benefit’s They're Real Double The Lip - an innovative, two-in-one ‘beyond sexy’ lipstick and liner that apparently leaves you with a fuller and flawless looking pout in half the time. Being spring, I was attracted to the bright Criminally Coral colour and brought it home with me. It's now my favourite go to lipstick because its smooth, zero stickiness, It lasts ages and it really is quick to apply if you don't have time for lip liner, but you still want a bit of dimension that liner normally gives. There are two slightly different colours on the lipstick applicator which gives the contouring look. You can pick these up for about £16.50 online, fabulous!

I'm all about lips this month! My other new favourite product is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Buenos Aires colour. It's a few shades brighter than my Benefit lipstick and it's very different, this one is very creamy and matte - it sort of stains the lips in a good way. I will admit It's not as easy to apply as it has an applicator brush which you have to pump a few times to get a decent coating on, but I love the bright coral tone and you can wear it with or without gloss (preferable on a windy London day) and it looks super glam.

Moving to the culinary department now, I love to bake. I have a massive sweet tooth so I'm always trying out new dessert recipes that require a little icing for flavour & decoration - I recently uploaded a Vlog on YouTube of my favourite Nutella Brownie Recipe check that out if you're a Nutella lunatic like myself! Anyway, perhaps I'm just delayed but I've recently discover Whitworths Twist & Sprinkle Icing Sugar tin - it has an in built sieve and makes sugar dusting so much easier! It's been a life changer for me because it helps me put the finishing touches on my desserts sans mess! No this is not an info-mercial. I'm obsessed with using it!

I've saved the best for last.. my new Mango denim jacket! My oh my I'm in love. I went to Westfields last week on the hunt for a nice light denim jacket for the warmer seasons. I tried on one at All Saints - don't me wrong I'm a fan of All Saints but I couldn't justify £129 on a simple denim piece, knowing stores like Mango or Zara would have something almost identical. So I continued my hunt and I did in fact find one at Zara for £30 - with more of a vintage/distressed look it was really cute but unfortunately the gods bestowed spaghetti arms upon me & it was too loose around the upper arms. My next stop was Mango, straight away I saw 'the one' (yes, it was love at first sight) I'm actually wearing it right now on this lovely sunny day. It's the perfect fit - a true XS and It's a fabulous light denim with a few pockets and mustard stitching. Super versatile and it goes with basically anything! I can't wait to drain my Instagram feed with this thing & all for £29! Bargain!

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