Spring Accessories - Animal Print, Espadrilles & The Fedora

It's now spring in London which means fun & colourful accessories! I went on a little accessory shopping spree the other day and picked up a few things for pretty good prices. That's the thing about London, you could easily go down to Oxford Street and blow hundreds on a couple of items at main stream stores - but you can get some really nice things quite cheap if you know where to look!

I picked up this super cute Animal Print Purse from Accessorize. It comes in a smaller size for £12 and also a larger size for £25 with a slightly different print, but this one I chose is the perfect size for me - just big enough to fit the standard stuff and also a few of the essential makeup items. I love purses like this where you can hang it on your wrist and completely forget about it, not having to worry if it will open up and spill everywhere! This was only £17.00, with pony hair and genuine leather, it's a bargain if you ask me and it looks so much more expensive, winning.

I get so excited for the warmer months so I can be a lazy and wear espadrilles 24/7! Found these Leather Slingback Espadrilles at Zara for only £19.99. I've already worn these a couple of times and they are really comfy, I love the slingback rather than a closed heel as it lets the feet breath and prevents yucky sweatage. These also come in a suede mustard colour, I was torn between the two but I went with black as it's more versatile and I already have a few sandals in mustard colour.

Lastly, the Fedora. I own quite a few wide and short brimmed Fedora's and I love styling them with different day and night outfits. I find I've have so many friends say they are scared to wear a Fedora, I dont know why! You don't have to stick to the classic felt Fedora, you can pick up a wool, woven or straw version which is much lighter and breathable for those really hot days. They are so timeless and can finish off an outfit really well, just don't over match your outfit colours with the fedora. For example, wearing a wide brimmed grey fedora with an all black outfit will break it up nicely and add a bit of elegance. This felt Fedora from Topshop is £16.00, for some reason the grey colour isn't online but if you head in store they have so many colours to choose from.

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