Christmas Campaign!

Hi everyone! Its my favourite time of year again, I'm one of those people that goes completely OTT at Christmas time! I put my decorations up in November, wear my Xmas jumper around for weeks and listen to Micheal Buble's holiday album on repeat until January.

I'm feeling super grateful to be in London over Christmas as it really is one of the most festive cities at this time - we even had heavy snow last week which made it all the more festive and magical!

I've been involved in charity work around Christmas time for many years - it all started when I was very young, my grandfather would take me to a local aged care home to give gifts to the elderly who had no family visiting them over the holidays. He taught me these values and how important it is to be giving, so this year I've started a Homeless Christmas Campaign on GoFundMe - we will be giving out Christmas gifts to the homeless on Christmas Day to brighten their holidays and spread a bit of festive cheer! It's easy to fall into a ‘spend and consume’ pattern, so if could spare even just one dollar it will all make a huge difference!

For the homeless the holiday period can be incredibly lonely, cold and depressing. With only a few days until Christmas, we wanted to do something special this year. Giving and receiving gifts is a big part of Christmas, so the aim of this campaign is to raise enough money to grant a wish to the homeless people we meet on Christmas day & give away a special gift to those that are less fortunate in London city. While most of us wish for extravagent gifts, something very basic like new clothes or a food voucher would mean the world to someone living on the streets. Help us make this happen by donating even the smallest amount - it all goes a long way. How will these funds be spent? On Christmas day & Boxing Day, we will meet people living on the streets across London central, ask what they would like for Christmas & fulfil that request (or as close to). With any risidual funds they will receive local food/clothing vouchers. This campaign will be recorded & shared on YouTube so that donars who have generously contributed can see where their donations went. Lets come together to make this Christmas a special one and hopefully spread awareness of homelessness in the UK.

Donate on the GoFundMe page HERE

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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