Melbourne Fashion Week 2018

It has been a great week at Melbourne Fashion Week 2018, with over 300 designers and 10 runways held at Melbourne Townhall and pop up street runways throughout the city. I attended the opening show and a few of the Townhall Runway shows throughout the week. What I love about these events is being totally immersed in all the farshuun - trendy crowds, stylish décor and the latest designs on the runway. 

Though this week was not as large scale and wowzer as VAMFF or the interstate fashion weeks, it had a few cool activations like a selfie mirror booth (who doesn't love a selfie booth), floral media walls, a snazzy bar area and a VIP lounge in the Townhall. 

One thing I did notice when I went to Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Week earlier in the year - the Sydney fashionistas are far more daring and out there with their fashion choices than Melbournians, which I commend. I feel like Fashion Week is the best time to express yourself through what you’re wearing and get away with basically anything! So I was a tad surprised to see how conservative (albeit stylish) and tamed the Melbourne crowd were. Never the less, this week was all about the runway so lets get to it, it's time for my farshun update. 

I am happy to report the ‘safe’ and ‘minimalist’ trends of previous seasons are being left behind in favour of lots of cool, funky streetwear - which I am totally on board with. The older I get, the more I embrace streetwear and also athlesiurewear, ow yeah. There were tons of bright bold colors and power clashing, and for anyone who isn't up to speed let me break that down for you. Basically, style together any prints, shapes or colors in an eccentric but cohesive manner and you've nailed the hottest trend of spring; power clashing. Yaas! 

Also worth noting, unconventional yet chic shaped bags made a frequent appearance throughout the week. Is this a hall pass to continue funding my sick bag obsession? After all, a girls got to stay on trend.. hehe. So hooray to spring fashion and a special thank you to Melbourne Fashion Week & We Are OPR Agency for putting on a fantastic event! 

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