What Does Your Breakfast Say About You? 😜

Breakfast really is the most glorious meal of the day. Why you may ask? Because a) It’s the only meal where having several courses feels totally normal and not

binge-y b) There are soo many options! Breakfast is literally a smorgasbord of sweet and savoury, there's something for everyone and c) It’s the first and most important meal of the day and after 8 hours of fasting, personally, I’m about to chew my arm off. Therefore, everything tastes extra extra good.

A typical Australian breakfast can take many forms, from a perfectly poached egg with smashed avo to a much beloved staple like vegemite on toast. Whatever you prefer, your brekky choices reveal more about your personality than you realize and here's why.

Macca's breakfast

You are time poor and value convenience over cash. You’ll swing by the local Mickey D’s for a cheeky stack of hotcakes or a naughty hash brown, happy to pay someone else to make your morning a little more seamless. You ignore the judgemental looks from the maccas staff because hash brown is potato, potato is a complex carb and complex carbs are suggested in the food chart. #justified.

Photo by Niver Vega / Unsplash


Work, sleep, work, sleep. Ain’t nobody got time for food. You’re focused, driven and lead a fast paced life. You have sh%t to do, people to see, places to go. Tony Robbins is your idol and you’ve spent a small fortune on his seminars. Always preaching about life goals and motivation, your life quote is ‘early bird gets the worm’. Your friends come to you for pep talks because you're so damn positive and philosophical.

Smashed Avo On Toast

Ordering smashed avo toast at a warehouse cafe before work generally indicates that you have your life together. You’re a social media whizz and work in marketing or design, otherwise known as a 'creative'. Being totes millennial, you will ensure you have the perfect insta shot of your breakfast and anyone who starts eating before you get the right snap will be unfollowed, stat.

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Sugary cereal

You are a big kid at heart and you know how to have fun. You refuse to engage in adulthood and continue to fulfill your childhood fantasy of having copious amounts of sugar for breakfast, except you still live at home so your mum tells you off for it. You’re dying to try the chocolate sauce, pop tart, marshmallow covered spaghetti from the Elf movie. To be honest, so am I. Often the one to rebel against the typical 9 - 5, you are always seeking adventure and Disneyland really is your happy place.

Muesli Bar

You don’t live to eat, you simply eat to live. Blasphemy if you ask me. All you require is fuel to get you through the morning and though it's not much, it gets the job done. Like the muesli bar, you're happy doing the bare minimum, juust enough to get by. Smooth sailing is your way of life and you're a lover of yoga and beach holidays where you can get away and do absolutely nothing.

Photo by The Healthy Mummy


After consuming a banana on the way to work, you shove the peel in the glovebox and forget about it for days. Your routine is rather mundane and you are definitely not a morning person. You like the idea of breakfast, but you like the idea of sleeping in even more. Colleagues beware, you are the don't-speak-to-me-until-past-10am type. You often run late and are pretty much always still in the shower when your friends arrive to pick you up.

Overnight Oats

You are a breakfast superstar! You take your breakfast very seriously and just like your overnight oats, you have everything meticulously planned out. You have a life plan and you are a straight, logical thinker. Some would say boring, you would say organised. Cudos to you.

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Greek Yoghurt

Being super disciplined and super fit, your health regime frustrate those who choose carbs over kale. Cycling to work every morning is your thing and you secretly enjoy making your colleagues feel uber lazy for driving. You frequently leave your sweaty cycling pants hanging in the work shower to dry, thus leaving your colleagues feeling not only uber lazy but also uber grossed out. But whatever, you do you amigo.

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