Suzie Mcintosh Re-Opens Luxury Brow Establishment in Toorak

Melbourne’s premier brow salon, Suzie Mcintosh Brows reopens the doors of its luxury salon in Toorak after an extensive and unplanned refurbishment.

After freak floods and golf ball-sized hail hit Melbourne in December last year, Suzie Mcintosh Brows was forced to immediately shut the doors of its luxurious salon after the roof collapsed one morning, just minutes before staff were set to start work.

Minutes after the roof came tumbling down, Australian Brow Specialist Suzie Mcintosh’s crisis took centre stage for the whole of Australia to see, with Channel 7, Ten Eyewitness News and Nine News all broadcasting news coverage from the salon.

Founder, Suzie Mcintosh had just relocated to Sydney two weeks prior, in order to begin the planning and process of opening her Sydney salon when she heard the news. Suzie said, “I will never forget the messages and photos coming through to my phone, I was in the middle of a training session and was completely devastated by what I was seeing unfold.”

“The next minute, it was all over the news, and I remember thinking ‘how will we ever recover from this!?’ It was an absolute disaster in its finest form.”

When the roof of her Toorak salon collapsed, Suzie had to immediately halt all plans on opening her Sydney location to then oversee an extensive renovation process at the Toorak salon, which took over 5 months, ensuring technical engineers were in to make the salon better than before.

“After what was a drastic end to 2018, I cannot tell you how relieved and ecstatic I am to finally be back in operation in Toorak after operating out of a temporary office space for the past 5 months.”

An architect of the perfect brows, Suzie Mcintosh has built a reputation for crafting the perfect archways on the faces of her clients, building a thriving empire, and picking up a long list of celebrity and high-profile patrons along the way.

Specialising in cosmetic tattooing and brow styling, Suzie Mcintosh opened her namesake salon in Toorak back in mid 2017 after outgrowing three locations over the previous three years.

The young trail-blazer has caught the attention all over the world, racking up an exclusive client list across the globe that sees many of her clients fly her in for a bit of much needed brow maintenance from locations including the US, London, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and Tokyo.

In addition to her highly successful Melbourne salon, Suzie will be opening her first Sydney salon on June 10 at La Porté Space in Rosebery. Alongside the ever-growing client list of the salons, Suzie has expanded into holding her own masterclasses across the globe, most recently hosting a class in Los Angeles.

From Ombre, to feathering, or your classic staples of a wax and tint, the specialist Brow Bosses at Suzie Mcintosh have you shaped and covered for any occasion.

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